A Festival of Memorial Posies


A Festival of Memorial Posies

21st to 23rd July

Many of you will have enjoyed seeing our beautiful church adorned with all the memorial posies and have appreciated this very special event or even contributed towards a posy yourself.  The idea for the festival came from St Mary’s Church in Tenby when three ladies from our congregation (Irene, Dorothy and Helen) were on holiday in the town and came across the church and found their way inside!  They were so impressed by the spectacle of the display of posies in the church and the good will feeling it created that they came home to St Cuthbert’s with the thought that we could perhaps do the same.

The plans for the event started way back in January when Irene asked a small group if they would like to help out.  At that time we were unsure as to how proposals for such an event would be accepted or whether we would have enough orders for posies to make a spectacular display.  However, the Parish Church Council gave us the go ahead and so we were able to press on.  Our first job was to raise some funds to be able to cover expenses before the event and we held a coffee morning in February at which we raised over £400 to start us off!  Then many meetings were held to work out a timetable and list what would be required and who would have to be involved and how we would decorate the church etc.  Each member of the committee brought their own ideas to the table and then took on the various tasks themselves.  It was very much a joint effort and, although it was hard work at times, a very enjoyable experience, made all the more so by the many lovely and complimentary comments which we received from the visitors to Church during the weekend. 

The service at 11 am on Sunday morning, attended by Archdeacon Pete Spears and many of the families of the persons being remembered, was particularly poignant and moving.  The names of each person on the posies were read out and the congregation were invited to light a candle in their memory.  This was followed by refreshments in the Parochial Church Hall provided by our wonderful “kitchen ladies”.

All in all a great success and a very enjoyable weekend.  Thank you to everyone who was involved in making this such a memorable event.

The Memorial Posy Festival Committee

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