Churchtown Christian Visiters


A very difficult decision has been made:

The CCV, or Churchtown Christian Visitors Group, has officially been brought to an end on Saturday 2st April.

A large group of people met in Marshside Methodist Church Hall and were entertained very well indeed by the CCV’s Committee members. A lovely afternoon tea was served.

This wonderful group has been active in Churchtown for some 45 years. It was founded by Mrs Marjorie Petty, Father Geary and Rev’d John Burkinshaw. What lovely Christian work this ecumenical group has done: members being made up of people from Churches in Churchtown.

It is with huge thanks we acknowledge the kindness, the time given, the dedication and the Christian spirit of each group member. The recipients of this Christian goodness have been very fortunate.

Frances Weavers has been the leader of the CCV for the past 20 years. Many elderly, often isolated people, have felt loved, valued and cared for by the visits of Frances and her group of ladies and gentlemen.

Many thanks to Frances, who has led the group incredibly well, and past leaders and every Churchtown Christian Visitor…

‘you have taken God’s goodness into the homes of others and you have made a difference to the lives of many elderly, isolated and vulnerable adults in this area.’

Some of the ’visitors’ will continue making their visits on an informal basis: these include some, like Alice and Angela, who where there right from the start—45 years ago!


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