St Cuthbert’s Mothers’ Union


In 1876 Mary Sumner founded the Mothers Union (M.U.) she was a vicars wife and mother of 3, she was aware of the burdens and responsibilities of parenting, so she formed a society for the support of women in their role as mothers. Agreed objectives were that marriage, parenting and prayer were the basis of the future of families.


M.U. In the Liverpool Diocese is over 120 years old and has 97 branches and 3000 members. The M.U. has been a part of St Cuthbert’s for nearly 95 years and we have almost 50 members, several of whom are unable to attend meetings but who are kept involved. A recent project has been the provision of knitted items for babies and children in Africa.  Members also assist at the Baptism Services.  We work closely with our wider Church family and welcome non-members to any of our meetings, at which we enjoy a variety of speakers.


To be a member of the Mothers’ Union you need not be a mother, married or even a woman, or attend regular branch meetings, but you do need to have been baptised in the name of the Holy Trinity and to support the aim and objectives of the society. The purpose of the M.U. is to be specially concerned with all that strengthens and preserves marriage and Christian family life.


We meet on the third Thursday in the month in the parochial hall at 7.45pm, where a programme of our meetings is displayed on our noticeboard.


For further information please contact Branch Leader : Mrs A Evans on 535420 or Branch Secretary : Mrs S. Dixon on 225468.