Handbell Ringing


In the year 2000, Peter and Dorothy Cotterall began our bellringing group.

After a huge effort to fundraise for new and refurbished bells, an enthusiastic group began with seventeen ringers who were keen to 'give it a go' and they played at various venues throughout the years and, of course, our own Church of St Cuthbert.  They played a variety of music with all members playing at least two bells. A junior group was also formed under the tutelage of Dorothy Cotterall and they enjoyed learning this craft and playing at various events.

 It is with great sadness that the number of people able to play has dwindled and the decision has been taken for the bells to be sold on to another church. We will still, though, have many lovely memories of hearing our groups play and owe Peter and Dorothy and all the players a huge thank you for all their dedication.