“GIVING” to St Cuthbert’s

Many of the members and regular worshippers of St Cuthbert’s Church have continued to make their weekly/monthly donations during the last very difficult months of the Coronavirus period.  Some Donors have agreed to change to standing orders and some have joined the Parish Giving Scheme during this period which has helped enormously in reducing the administrative work involved with cash donations, i.e. counting the money, banking it on a weekly basis and keeping records of the amounts involved.  Those who have continued to use the weekly envelopes have found ways of getting their envelopes to our Gift Aid Secretary, posting them through her door or giving them to her personally at other times.  Thank you to everyone for their efforts and support.

It will be appreciated that the income of our church has drastically reduced since March when the first lockdown started, yet outgoings remain the same.   In particular, the Parish Share (the monies which we have to pay to the Diocese each month) amounting to approximately £1,300 a week has still had to be paid.  There have been no fund raising events, and for many months the church hall was closed and no rents received.  We have missed out on special services during the year at which there would be many occasional worshippers, who would contribute to the plate collections.  There has been no Rose Queen Festival and there is no Christmas Fair to boost funds and we have no idea when life will return to any sort of normality to enable us to hold our usual coffee mornings, musical evenings etc.  On top of this, the amount of Gift Aid which can be claimed from HM Revenue & Customs for the present year will also be much reduced.

Perhaps now would be a good time for Donors to review their giving and prayerfully consider whether an increase in weekly/monthly donations can be made to help our church through these unprecedented times.  It seems that Coronavirus is set to be with us moving forward into the future and will have to be controlled by vaccine, as with the annual flu virus!  The use of cash could be a source of transmission of the virus which we would wish to avoid.  It is hoped that as many of our Donors as possible, whether Gift Aid Donors or non Gift Aid Donors, will move to donating by way of standing order or the Parish Giving Scheme.  For occasional Donors, a JustGiving page has been created on St Cuthbert’s website and we are looking to spread the word that this way of donating is now available.

If anyone would like to have more information about giving to St Cuthbert’s, please do not hesitate to contact Susan Greer,  Gift Aid and Envelope Secretary, Telephone No. 01704 212640.