St Cuthbert Church Closure during Lockdown

Once again we are in a difficult time with a worrying rise in Covid 19 cases. We have had to carefully establish who is allowed to take services now we are in lockdown, that is, who is not in the extremely vulnerable category.

At St Cuthbert, several of our clergy and lay readers come under the category of extreme vulnerability and having discussed the situation with members of the North Meols Team and St Cuthbert’s church wardens, it is felt that it will be safer for everyone that services at St Cuthbert's are suspended with immediate effect. This decision will be reviewed at the end of January.

Services at St Stephen in the banks and St John Crossens will be suspended with effect from Sunday 17th January. This decision will be reviewed at he end of January. Please visit their church websites up to date details of services at these churches during lockdown.

Funerals, emergency baptism and emergency weddings will, if needed, take place in all three churches in the team.