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St Cuthbert's Men's Supper Club started about 40 years ago as a group of men meeting informally once a month for food and fellowship in a local hostelry. Nowadays it consists of over thirty men, from a huge variety of backgrounds - members of our church, any other church or no church at all - united in a strong desire to enjoy good food in excellent company. Just take a look at this list of our members' working backgrounds: doctor, industrial window cleaner, policemen, clergyman, teacher, pharmacist, businessman, master baker, banker, casual enumerator, court official, precision instrument technician, photographer, university lecturer, writer, embalmer, farmer, Betterware salesman, foreman electrician, designer of ambulance dashboards, architect, professor, eye surgeon, civil servant, colonel, translator,  - and more than one professional eccentric.

On the first Thursday of each month between September and May we meet for a meal and listen to an invited speaker. The list of topics covered is twice as long as the above list of occupations. Occasionally we "play away" - for our Christmas meeting we usually host our better halves at a local golf club, we've had outings to breweries, a newspaper publisher, a pie and peas supper on the canal and we play bowls.

Of course, such an institution doesn't come cheap - annual subs set us back £5.00.

A few years ago, the ladies we neglect on our meeting evenings started getting together and they now have their own very popular regular outing.  And we welcome new members.

We are a friendly group of men (some church goers, some not) who meet on the first Thursday in the month in the Parochial Hall and we enjoy a great programme of speakers along with excellent suppers usually provided by a local outside caterer.  Our meetings begin at 7.30 p.m. (unless otherwise stated) and a wide range of subjects are covered including sport, politics, local history, etc.

For further information please contact Keith Hamnett (Chairman) on 01704 211776 Email: 

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