Graveyard and Garden of Remembrance


 Burial Plots in the Graveyard

There are NO new burial plots available in St Cuthbert’s Graveyard.

Burial of Ashes Plots in the Garden of Remembrance

When allocating burial of ashes plots in The Garden of Remembrance, St Cuthbert's Church adheres to Church of England rules.

 To qualify for a plot, the deceased MUST have lived in the Parish. Please click on Roads in the Parish for a full list, and/or have worshipped on a regular basis at St Cuthbert's Church. 

If you feel that the deceased had strong connections to St Cuthbert's Church but did not fit the above criteria, it will be necessary to contact the Rector who will arrange a meeting to discuss your application. Please bring all evidence of the deceased’s connections to St Cuthbert’s Church to that meeting. There is a form to be completed and the Rector will explain and clarify the application.  Please note that applications MUST be the deceased's connection to Church, not YOUR connection. 

Maintaining the Overall Appearance of the Churchyard and Garden of Remembrance

The rules are laid down by the Church of England to ensure that St Cuthbert's Churchyard and Garden of Remembrance is a special place where everyone feels close to God and their loved ones. To maintain the overall appearance of the Churchyard and Garden of Remembrance, the Church requests that everyone please adheres to the following:

  • Fresh flowers are preferred and should be removed when perished.  
  • November - March silk flowers are allowed but must be removed if faded, unseasonal or not natural in colour.
  • Remembrance poppy wreaths are permitted but must be removed by November 30th. 
  • Christmas wreaths are permitted and should be removed by January 31st.

Any remaining Remembrance and Christmas wreaths will be removed and disposed of after the above dates.

  • Memorial stones must be approved by the Rector with the Parochial Church Council.  Full details should be provided including drawing, sizes, wording, etc.
  • Objects and ornaments can weather badly or break as the Churchyard and Garden of Remembrance plots are open to the elements.  Some objects and ornaments may be acceptable to some and not to others and the community aspect of the Churchyard needs to be considered. Therefore, we discourage the placing of objects and ornaments.
  • The planting of any plants or shrubs loosely in the ground, or the creation of a garden of any kind, is not permitted.

Dogs MUST BE KEPT ON A LEAD in the graveyard.

Safety of those working in the Churchyard and Garden of Remembrance

It is important that any vessel for flowers is made of NON breakable material.  Objects and ornaments can create problems with maintenance and broken objects may create a safety hazard.


The placing of any side stones, plastic or wooden decorative fencing around a grave or the use of any marble chippings are not permitted.

Any items which need to be removed from graves will be held for 1 month and can be collected, after the 10.30am Sunday Service, from a Church Warden, with the exception of damaged items which will be removed and disposed of immediately.

Thank you for your co-operation and contribution in maintaining your part of the Churchyard and adhering to the items above.

Maintenance of Graveyard and Garden of Remembrance

St Cuthbert's Church has employed a part time gardener to maintain the Churchyard.  However, St Cuthbert's receives no external funding, therefore this cost is being paid from the Sunday collections and donations.

Donations  towards the maintenance costs for the Churchyard and Garden of Remembrance would be greatly appreciated.

The above information was approved by the Rector and the Parochial Church Council on   14 March 2013.


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