A Letter from Reverend Rebecca


23rd March 2020

Dear Friends

It is with a very heavy heart I write to you this evening. I have just received a directive from Bishop Paul and Bishop Beverly to say our churches must now close for private prayer.  

Our Bishops have said that I, as your priest and Rector of St Cuthbert and Churchtown, will be able to continue to say Morning and Evening Prayer but only on my own. I will also, on your behalf, have Holy Communion, but again on my own.

It is important for you to know prayers will continue to be said in our church and when I say the rich words of the communion service I will be not only thinking of you all but in my mind’s eye seeing you all gathered with me in St Cuthbert, as I receive the bread. Even in all this we remain the body of Christ and nothing can change that.

All this does not mean I will not be in touch. I have plans to contact members of St Cuthbert by telephone or text. I will also put photos on the website of St Cuthbert and I’m hoping to even have a go at videoing St Cuthbert's church. All to keep in touch with you. And you, of course, can telephone me and let me know how you are. Please never think I am too busy to hear from you.

I am also hoping to do a weekly letter on the website. Rev Chris Gregory is also going to put on the website some resources around prayer.

So, even in these darkest of days, all is not lost. God is with each one of us,  and will continue to be with us as life, inevitably, will become more and more challenging.

Finally, I promise each and every one of you, as your priest, called by God, anointed by Bishop Paul with holy oils, given the cure of souls of the parish of Churchtown, I will not forsake you and I will, by the grace of God, complete  the task ahead and, yes, there is hope for the future, for where our God is, there is always hope.  

So, in conclusion, please pray for me as I will continue to pray for you,

‘The peace of the Lord be with you….’

Rev Rebecca